10 Questions to Spice Up Virtual First Dates

With social distancing in full swing many singles might be questioning whether they should put their love lives completely on hold. And yet, the online dating world has swiftly leapt into action with many apps now facilitating virtual dates. Online dating app Hinge revealed that 70% of its users were willing to go on virtual dates, and when I set up my Meetup group ‘Single and Socially Distancing’ I swifty amassed hundreds of members keen to virtually connect during covid-19. Every week on a Sunday we have a group Zoom call where I ask two questions to help to spark conversation. Some of these questions are designed to be fun, others build trust and rapport without being overly heavy. Below are my favourites, designed to help improve date conversation, regardless of whether you meet in real life or online.

1. What has the highlight of your week been so far?

2. What have you learnt about yourself during lockdown?

3. For what in life are you most grateful?

4. What’s the best book you’ve ever read and why?

5. What’s your guilty Netflix pleasure?

6. You’re 100 years old and your great-granddaughter comes to you for advice to get through life, what advice do you give her?

7. When did you last feel proud of yourself?

8. If you had an hour to interview one public figure who would you interview and why?

9. What type of things make you feel embarrassed?

10. If you could wake up tomorrow with ANY new skill or ability what would it be and why?

So next time you’re on a virtual date and you’re worried about having nothing to say, throw one of these questions into the mix to enhance the quality of your conversation!